Hello men, it’s nice to see you here! As you view my product page you will see some great skincare to help you manage how you care for your skin and beard.   When I’m working on set with men I ask them how they care for their skin?  I get a better response today than I had in past. There has been a big shift along with a lot of options for men today.

Because the skin is exposed to so many elements on a daily basis.  You should pay close attention to how things are affecting the condition of your skin. Let’s start with dry skin, it can feel uncomfortable, tight, and itchy at times. The product that helps to soothe dry skin is our Action C Moisturizer. It has vitamin C an antioxidant that helps to boost moisture levels in the skin. With daily use, It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  If you haven’t tried using a scrub it helps if you’re skin is dry or oily. It works on all skin types, the scrub’s main ingredient has mandarin orange peel and aloe to soften and deep cleanse your skin. A little goes a long way! About the size of a nickel with a little drop of water will do the job.  For more on men’s care read my blog.

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